Hello World,

My name is Siri and I have been coding for many many years now. The catch - I have been coding in a procedural language called PL SQL. An Oracle PL SQL Developer is a decently paying job and I have been lucky to find good projects across US which gave me opportunities to grow and learn, in their own right. But, it is 2017 now and the dizzying rate at which the technology is advancing around me, it is only a matter of time PL SQL will no longer be needed and I will be out of the race. This blog is an effort to avoid such an outcome.

Why a blog?

Because I simply love blogging and have been doing it since 2007 at Cooking With Siri where I write about food. I know the high it still gives me when I learn a new dish, photograph it and hit the Publish button. Now, it is time to channel the same energy towards learning something new which will not only advance my career but also equip me with new skills which I can put to use when the need arises.

With a full-time 9 to 5 job and a 2 hour commute to work, I know it is going to be a uphill battle to finish any project or to just carve out time to properly focus on learning new things. But, despite the hardships, I also know every tiny effort will pay off in the long run. I will feel accomplished even if I am able to spend a few minutes each day, learning one new concept. :-)

This will be my journey and you are welcome to join along. There will be new concepts, new programming languages I plan to learn and apply that knowledge to various projects. It is time to rekindle my love for coding and for learning something new. 



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