The World Of Internet is littered with so many good resources that sometimes it is hard to keep track (read as overflowing Bookmarks folder!).

Here is a running list of links/resources I stumbled upon so far:


1. I am a great believer in Learn By Doing approach and if you are new to JS (like me), this book seems to be the best place to start. I think I might.

2. Overwhelmed on how to learn JavaScript properly? Thousands of enthusiasts followed this roadmap and I am convinced I will be one pretty soon. 

3. 16 JavaScript Concepts JavaScript Professionals Must Know Well

4. After getting a bit comfortable with JavaScript, my plan is to learn Node.js as well. Again, I Richard (JavaScript is Sexy fame) has a detailed roadmap here.

5. Lots and lots of useful information on JS here: Become a Javascript ninja without a hastle


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